Make Lots Of Money With A Cookie Dough Fundraiser

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Most schools and churches all over the United States depend on fundraisers to bring in extra money for those purchases that weren't included in the yearly budget. Large purchases such as playground equipment, bible school material, or even camp dues, are some of those fundraising projects. Many different items have been sold by an organization to raise funds, most not as successful as they would have liked.

Organizations have sold items such as calendars, magazines, jewelry, Christmas wrapping paper, candles, or pizza, only to be disappointed with the monetary outcome. But organizations are learning that the quickest, easiest and most successful way to bring in money is to sponsor a cookie dough fundraiser. What is it about cookie dough that makes it such a successful item to sell?

Most people have pleasant memories of making homemade cookies as a child. Mixing the items together, scooping, baking, and at just the right moment, pulling them out of the oven. The home was filled with the wonderful aroma of warm chocolate, sugar, or cinnamon. And everyone has a favorite whether it be chocolate chip, white chocolate macadamia nut, peanut butter, or double chocolate chunk, just to name a few. Prospective buyers can't wait to buy their favorites.

Consumers are always looking for a bargain and our cookies are a great value. They will see what a low price they are paying and want to purchase more than one flavor. And you can remind your buyers that these cookies come in a resealable tub so they stay fresh and flavorful until the last cookie is baked. No cookie dough will be wasted and the decorative, reusable tub can be used for gift-giving or designer storage.

These cookies are so convenient. Already portioned, they are so quick and easy to prepare. They go from freezer to the table in just a few minutes. For unexpected guests, friends stopping by, or the children from next door playing at your house, you have a delectable snack that will be pleasing to everyone. There's little clean up time, which gets you out of the kitchen quicker and gives you more time with family and friends. And no one has to know that you didn't sift, combine, mix, and scoop them yourself.

Sellers won't have to skip those customers that are health conscious. When you tell them these cookies are made with Grade A ingredients, no added preservatives, and 0 grams trans fat, they will be eager to buy. And the nutrition facts are clearly printed on each and every tub.

Now it's easy to see why a cookie dough fundraiser is so successful. Due to their value, convenience, and quality ingredients, each member of your group will find that these delicious cookies are very easy to sell. Your organization will be raking in the dough, pardon the pun, and making a very lucrative profit with very little effort at all.

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Make Lots Of Money With A Cookie Dough Fundraiser

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This article was published on 2010/09/15